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Tia B.client

After meeting with you, I implemented your suggestions for my resume, linked in, and cover letter. I am happy to say I have accepted a position in the city I was looking for and am starting next week. I honestly can't thank you enough for all your help!

Brad S.colleague

Amanda is an ambitious worker and strategic thinker. She is able to focus on the details and work efficiently toward her goals, while at the same time can see the bigger picture and the potential of what "could be."

Michelle W.

Mandy is an amazing coach. I had the privilege of working with her over the last few months. She is attentive, kind, and a great listener. She is also light hearted and funny. She exemplifies all the qualities in a great coach. Don't hesitate to contact her. She will without a doubt help you along in your journey.

Crawford T.Client

The sessions Mandy offers are flexible and worked around my schedule. The advice she gave regarding my resume, word choices, and layout was excellent. After implementation, these changes helped me to feel better prepared for the hiring process. I would recommend Mandy’s career coaching to anyone looking to improve their career skills no matter your age or years of professional experience.

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